Services We Provide

A big part of your ministry includes protecting the people you serve and the property you've been entrusted with.  You need insurance to protect your building and your finances, as well.  You also may need safety and risk management practices and plans in place to protect the day-to-day operations of your ministry.

Risk Management » 

Our ministry safety and risk management experts specialize in helping churches, schools, camps and other types of ministry organizations improve their risk management practices.  We can coach you through the process of developing a comprehensive risk management plan that thoughtfully considers and addresses the risks involved in your ministries.

Insurance Review »

Regardless of whether you're a long-time client of our agency, or if you're learning more about us for the first time, we take the business of providing your insurance coverage seriously.  We specialize in providing our clients with customized, comprehensive insurance plans - and that all starts with your insurance review and needs assessment.

Payroll Service »

No matter how many employees you have, payroll is a huge part of your administrative team's responsibilities.  On top of that, clergy and ministry tax laws are complicated - and ever-changing.  Now there's a service that can help ease the burden of overseeing your ministry's payroll, MinistryWorks by Brotherhood Mutual.

Legal Assistance »

Every day, ministries like yours face legal questions and challenges that can have a lasting effect on the people you serve.  It can be difficult to find answers you trust.  Our agency is pleased to bring you LegalAssistance by Brotherhood Mutual, where you'll find free, ministry-focused legal resources and services.