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Christian camping has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. No longer are camps simply places to relax in a rural setting, roast marshmallows by the fire, and take a hike through the woods. Today’s camp provides new and exciting challenges. Many camps now offer activities such as: horseback riding; high ropes courses; rock rappelling; swimming & diving; white water rafting; paint-ball guns; archery & rifle ranges; snowmobiles; go-carts; climbing towers; and many others. In addition to the challenge of insuring these activities, liability concerns in the volatile areas of counseling, sexual abuse and molestation have grown in epidemic proportions. 

To more adequately meet these challenges, insurance companies must first recognize the exposures and then understand which course of action to recommend. Our dedicated team of professionals can help your camp assess its risks and determine a proper course of action for loss control and prevention. With our expertise in this market, we can assist you in developing a customized plan of protection for both you and your campers.